Sustainable Communication

We all know communication is a fairly unresolvable issue. Yet, with the right amount of anticipation, communication can be sustainable. Information is well received by the recipient, even achieving its goal to form knowledge, and moves the process of communication forward. It is sustainable in means of process-maintaining, acknowledging the recipient, and aware of the medium and its implicit challenges.

It’s not only about computer mediated communication, but mainly so. White collar jobs spend the day at work with information, communication and inference making, which might at best lead to proper decisions and well executed work. But this is not happening, and it’s not only because of lack of access to information – employees spend 80% of the time looking for them, and you pay them to do so.

Check your ressources and adjust them. I’m here to give you the tools and make it happen. Implement sustainble communication the transparent, accountable and reasonable way.